The Rocky Branch Park Trail Enhancement Project has transformed a public open space in the City of Belmont into an urban trail system for mountain biking enthusiasts, runners, hikers, and walkers that now extends into the Town of Cramerton. The vision and master plan for the progressive trail system created beginner, intermediate and advanced trail features, fun for a diverse range of interest and skill levels. The park now features three entrances, two feature trail heads marked by a 6-foot cairn. The first is located in Belmont, NC on Sacco St just one mile from Main Street shops and restaurants and 12 miles west of uptown Charlotte. The second is in Cramerton, NC on Eagle Rd just one mile from Center Street and its shops and restaurants.

The Rocky Branch Park Committee, in partnership with the non-profit trail advocates the Tarheel Trailblazers, the City of Belmont and Town of Cramerton seek your support in raising the funds needed to complete the final phase of the park, completing the goal to build an enhanced, modern trail system to benefit the region.

What’s ready now

The first phase of the park was completed and opened in August 2021 and included a new section of the Carolina Thread Trail, a 1.2-mile hiker prioritized multi-use trail with five bridges crossing the Rocky Branch Creek and connecting the City of Belmont to the Town of Cramerton across public park space. Construction was completed on the 1.0 mile “Canopy Trail”, a mountain bike-prioritized beginner loop featuring jumps, berms and optional natural features creating a fun and playful riding and hiking experience. Opened in December 2021 was a 2.5-mile intermediate trail “Boulder”, “Euler’s Way” and “Legacy” trail loops. Shortly after, an additional beginner level loop, “Eagle” was completed and opened on the Cramerton side of the park. These trails provide the next level of challenge with increased distance, climbs and natural features.

What’s yet to come

The park is entering the final fundraising phase. The current fundraising goal will support the construction of a 1.2-mile advanced mountain biking trail. This section will include natural-element features such as rock gardens and boardwalks creating a mountain bike trail system unlike any other in the region and completing the master plan for a progressive, sustainable outdoor recreational area.



The Tarheel Trailblazers have crafted fun and sustainable recreational trails, benefiting the community's well-being, environmental conservation, and economic prosperity in Gaston County. The Advanced Zone Trails, covering 1.2 miles, will be optimized for experienced riders, boasting thrilling features like jumps, drops, berms, rock gardens, and boardwalks. Through your generous support of the Dig In campaign, we can secure professional labor and top-quality materials, expertly shaping the trails to harmonize with the natural landscape, creating an enduring mountain biker haven. Adventure awaits, and your contribution makes it possible!

Invest in building inclusive, progressive and quality trails. Donate today and leave your mark!

Become a recognized donor at these levels:
$ 100 Green Circle Club*
$ 500 Blue Square Club*
$1,000 Black Diamond Club**
$3,000 Double Black Diamond Club**

*Name recognition on trail donor wall
**Business logo included in recognition

Contact info@rockybranchparknc.com for business and in-kind donation opportunities.

We would like to recognize and thank the following individuals, families and companies for their donations to date. Without all of you this project would not be possible.

Carter Team Awesomeness - Jeremy, Martha, Edison & Melina - Hans, Sarah, Reagan & Quinn Kaufmann - Ben & Kristin Smith - The Pointe Church - The Jones family Jay, Mary Beth, Eliza

GNR Forever Fund - David, Shannon, Durham & Andersen Baker - The Bumgardner Family - Belmont Abbey College - Brad, Colleen, Stella & Maya T. - Nick & Merrit Barringer - The Aschmann Family - David Jones

Adeline, Hudson & Copper Sass - Larry & Melissa Humbert - Community Trail Design - The Hatton Family - The Mark Family - The String Bean - Dirty Wolf Ultras - Will, Megan, Ford, and Vivian Kieffer - The Painter Family - Southeastern Container - The Pollocks - The Elkins Family - Seth & Marrene Twery - The Searby Family - Todd Mingus - Wendy & Will Cauthen - Donation from Lucas, Alicia, Adam and Rachael Jones - Tony Klein - In Memory of Terry Helton and Barbara Helton

The Fairweather Family - The Gadani-Gutierrez Family - Josh & Kristin Monza - Jackson & Brooks Toney - Scott Swindler - The Quinn Family - Edel Rodriguez - Colossal Cycling - Anthony Brewer & Laurie Cole - Bryan Cisneros - John, Aiden, & Ian Linster - Sean & Parker Lynch - Blake Bradshaw - Chris & Lisa Neyen - Julie Wyatt - Wil Rhoton - Hampton Rhoton - In memory of Allen F. Thompson - Marc Edlein - John & Kristin Henriksen - Jeff, Jamie, Hudson & Peyton Campbell - John & Allison Cottingham - Dan Baker - Alex & Krystyna Sarrazin - In memory of Laurie Barrowman - Sarah & Michael Smith - Daniel Gore - Sarah & Michael Smith - Alan Wall - Mary Paul Forsyth - Jesse & Emily Cole - Alexis Hutz - John and Gwynne Wharton - The Cantwell Family - Will & Wendy Cauthen - Mike & Kathleen Ericsson - Dale & Teresa Wilbanks - Katrina Sims - Todd, Laura, Will & Paul Arnold - The McCarthy Family - Rylee, Jaxon, Allyssa & Michael McCarthy - Brian Swilling - Joe & Alisa Roy - Kathleen Allison - Gary Hamilton - Jason, Jessica, Kenan & Chase Helton - Tiffany Hutz - Mark Wood - David Beverly - Rinehart Family Charitable Fund - EDIS - Honeywell - Steve & Alli Buhler - Diana Vivas-Carvajal - Robert Paflitzko - Marti Miller - The Bradshaw Family - Devon DiSarro - Midlands SORBA - Jim Hefferan - Gwen Barringer - Shane Redmond - The Abee Family - Tony, Sarah, Rhett, & Tessa - Rowdy Hart - Rebel Hart - Casey Matthews - The Keever Family - The Wendland Family - Rob Coulter, Debbie Frye, Addie & Victoria Coulter - Robert Rhyne - Bob and Janet Simons - Saga Thovtrup - 12 Pilot Wives - Stacy Lutes - Mark and Michelle Kinsley - Jeff and Tamara Thovtrup - Lowes - Wayne Caldwell - Jennifer Whiteman - Robert, Kiera, Fiona and Mia Klein - Claudina Ghianni - David Ciaccia - Todd Bayley - Sam, Christine, George & Madison Tucker - The Sutphin Family - Vonn, Willem, & Enderly Ehlers - Andy Mitchell - The Mach Family - Grant & Sif - Kiri Bean Stewart - Seth Twery - Fermaglich Family - Karlianna and Cash Simpson - Larry & Melissa Humbert - Susan Nevin Baker - R.A. Keistler Construction - Fortenberry Family - Steve, Laura, Siena & Luca Fellows - The Stone Family - Jasper White - Aaron Shaw - Stuart Salmon - The Pettigrew Family - Dale Wilbanks - Dave "Crash" Renko - Cameron "Box" Bryant - Amazing Amy - Bruce Jones - Corbin Watson - Wes and Fin Stiling - Lisa Oakes & Mike O'Neil - Belmont Run Club - G&L Steele - Nathan Cannon - Alex Pacher - Steve Gray - Rodney Allman - Alexis Frisinger - Jennifer Lee - Heather Feely - Tom Decker - Mike & Debbie Smith


Mission Statement

The mission of the Rocky Branch Park Trail Enhancement Project is to enhance the park and its existing trail system in order to provide a safe, sustainable, fun and marketable outdoor experience for Belmont residents and visitors alike.

    1. Enhance the quality of life for local residents by providing a healthy, fun and challenging outdoor experience for various skill levels and abilities.
    2. Attract visitors to Belmont from surrounding metro areas by developing a highly marketable destination facility at Rocky Branch Park.
    3. Connect visitors and residents with the charm of downtown Belmont by boosting patronage of local restaurants, businesses and bicycle retailers via trail tourism.
    4. Provide a venue for cycling events such as youth cycling events, competitive mountain biking events, recreational group rides, demonstrations and instructional skills clinics.

Project Recognition

  • Go Gaston, Gaston County Travel & Tourism featured the park in an article in their February 2021 newsletter and blog. You can check out the article here.
  • The Gaston Gazette featured the August 2021 trail opening with this article and in a September 9, 2021 article titled “New Trail Linking Belmont and Cramerton Just What the Doctor Ordered”, find the article .
  • The Southern Off-Road Bicycling Association recognized the re-opening of Rocky Branch Park in this August 4, 2021 article here.
  • Spectrum News featured Rocky Branch Park in the news story "New Trail Connects Users from Belmont to Cramerton" on September 22, 2021 found here.
  • The North Carolina Recreation and Park Association Fall 2021 magazine featured Cramerton’s partnerships through the pandemic including the partnership with volunteers and Belmont to develop Rocky Branch Park.

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